Design for Good  - Diversitatea designului în comunitatea LGBTQ+ și provoacă actualizarea identității vizuale a Heritage of Pride

Luna Diversității este ocazia de a ridica vocile în comunitatea LGBTQ+*. Și, deși este o perioadă de sărbătoare, nu trebuie să uităm că originile mândriei provin dintr-un loc serios, unde homosexuali, lesbiene, bisexuali, transsexuali și alți membri queer ai societății au trebuit să lupte pentru ca drepturile și vocile lor să fie auzite. .


Design for Good
Proiectarea viitorului mediului

Impactul omului asupra lumii naturale este, fără îndoială, cea mai presantă problemă a timpului nostru. Devine din ce în ce mai important ca indivizii, întreprinderile și guvernele să înțeleagă cum pot lua măsuri pozitive pentru mediu.


Maud Vantours despre posibilitățile nelimitate

Imaginația nelimitată a lui Maud Vantours despre posibilitățile hârtiei este piatra de temelie a carierei sale creative. În onoarea viitoarelor premii, ne-am întâlnit cu Maud pentru a discuta despre călătoria ei creativă de la cele mai timpurii amintiri de design până la înființarea și succesul ulterior al studioului ei de design, precum și despre procesul ei de contribuție la premii în sine.


Maud Vantours on the unlimited possibilities

Maud Vantours’ unlimited imagination for the possibilities of paper is the bedrock of her creative career. In honour of the upcoming awards, we sat down with Maud to discuss her creative journey from her earliest design memories to the founding and subsequent success of her design studio, as well as her process her contribution to the awards themselves.


The Tradition of Wedding Invitations
Past, Present and Future

Weddings are among the most momentous occasions we know in life. Thus, it only makes sense that the invitations should rise to the occasion, delighting those lucky enough to be summoned to such a joyous event in the life of a couple.


Antalis is launching the Creative Powers Awards

With the launch of the Antalis Creative Power Awards, we aim at highlighting your creativity and know-how and also to evangelize on the power of premium printed communications

From the 1st of March till the 31st of May share your projects printed on Antalis papers and get the chance to benefit from high visibility and many other rewards.


Design for Good  - The Diversity of Design in LGBTQ+ community & causes Heritage of Pride’s visual identity update

Pride month is the occasion to lift up voices in the LGBTQ+* community. And while a time of celebration, we mustn’t forget that the origins of pride come from a serious place, where gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other queer members of society have had to fight for their rights and voices to be heard. 


Design for Good
Designing the Future of the Environment

Man’s impact on the natural world is arguably the most pressing issue of our time. It’s becoming increasingly important for individuals, businesses, and governments to understand how they can take positive action for the environment.


OLIN ORIGINS - A peek into
Carlin’s creation process for the line

A world-renown colour specialist, Carlin has been central to the development of the Olin Origins range. Meant to reinvent the “kraft” concept for a premium paper, Olin Origins is declined today in five colours: Chalk, Cereal, Pebble, Indigo and Lava stone.



Premium recycled pulp

What does « Premium Recycled » mean? Arjowiggins stands for quality. This is why our recycled grades are made with a superior recycled pulp. A careful selection of the waste and specific deinking process ensures the cleanliness of the pulp and the excellent printability. This process and our mills’ expertise enable us to offer high quality recycled papers.



6 eco-friendly creative papers
not to miss out!

Antalis has built an environmentally-friendly product offering that is one of the broadest available on the market today, adapted to all types of printing and finishing techniques, and that adheres to stringent environmental credentials.


A decade of Pantone of the year

A true colour institution, Pantone unveils its flagship colour every year, the colour that will set the trend in the world of fashion and design. The Pantone Color Institute predicts the colour that will set the pace for the year thanks to its panel of expert colourists and based on the future trends dictated by the trend offices.



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