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Antalis Tapes & Glues Solutions

A wide variety of adhesive tapes, labels, glues and equipment to support all parcel sealing requirements, whatever the application. Including world leading brands, as well as custom packaging tape and labels.

To secure your parcels, Antalis stock a wide variety of parcel sealing options. Whether you need a simple box sealing tape, a technical tape or glue, Antalis can provide the right solution for your needs. From stock we can supply you with PVC or Polypropylene carrier tape with various adhesive options including acrylic, hotmelt and solvent.

Custom packaging tapes and labels are also available and we have machinery options to allow you to create your own customised printed tape on demand. As a leading distributor of 3M and VIBAC branded tapes, we can also supply your business with technical tapes including hazard tape, electrical tape and strapping tape.

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Complete range of tapes, labels, glues and equipment for all applications
Environmentally friendly options available

Customised size or specific design of tapes and labels for supporting brand awareness

World leading brands such as Vibac, 3M, Brother, Zebra, and more

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img-smart-design.jpgCustomised Tapes and Glues

We design packaging and tailor-made solutions to suit your individual specifications and enhance the consumer experience.


Laboratory Tests Assessment

We carry out material assessments in our in-house laboratory to ensure you get the best packaging solutions.