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Customised Packaging Solution

Let your packaging become your most valuable brand ambassador.

When you need to customise products or to develop the best products combination thanks to product experts creating and shaping smart packaging solutions for you, Antalis has a dedicated team for meeting your needs !

Our Designers and Packaging Engineers are capable of developing customised packaging to your individual specifications and to tight deadlines. We will advise you on the selection of the most appropriate materials to protect your products.

Why should you definitively customise your packaging with us ?

Awareness increase

Greater brand exposure for greater impact. Offer your clients a global brand experience.

Proces optimisation

The best composition of packaging materials or machines to optimize your operational processes.

Logistic performance

The exact size box to protect your product = less movement in transit safer delivery, optimized chain needs.

Improved security

Secure your pallets with printed strapping or edge protectors to avoid robberies.

To go further


Customised Design of Packaging

We design packaging and tailor-made solutions to suit your individual specifications and enhance the consumer experience.


Advice on Packaging Process Optimisations

We help you opitmise your costs and packaging process efficiency