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Anti-corrosion Packaging Solutions

Antalis Packaging Solutions against Corrosion

Anti-corrosion packaging solutions provided by Antalis are aimed to effectively protect your machines/goods/metal parts during short and long term transportation and storage. You can rely on them even when extreme conditions such as see freight and outdoor storage are involved. Avoiding oxidative damages will prevent your organization from serious and costly consequences.        

                                                                                                                                                       How to avoid corrosion and materials’ deterioration? By relying on Antalis and its expertise, namely in VCI solutions (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) which do not require preliminary parts lubrication nor cleaning after use.

Antalis, leader in European packaging distribution, will support you in all selection and processing phases of individualized solutions that are safe, functional and competitive.

VCI papers or films, barrier films, desiccants, anti-corrosion oils: consult our expert team of specialists and rely on our corrCONSULT service for higher effectiveness!


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Protect your goods from corrosion damage


Approved packaging method avoids damage costs


Materials are recyclable


Our Experts assess and advice on your packaging operations

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Advice on solutions against corrosion

CorrConsult will audit and certify your corrosion protection measures in line with VCI directives. Put an end to the rust that plagues not just your production but also your transport and shipment processes.


Advice on environmental friendly solutions

In every country, there are legal environmental regulations which must be respected. So, we help you settle processes which member in these regulations. We  propose you a wide range of products of green packaging thus environment-friendly, and help you to make the good choice.