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Antalis Marking Systems & Labelling

Antalis is offering a complete range of labels, ribbons of thermo-transfer, machines of codification to mark products and systems of control and automation :

Solutions of codification depending on your product, quantity lines or medium (porous or not porous): inkjet, thermal transfer, labels printing. Labels and thermo-tranfer tapes for different types of needs: adhesive labels, non adhesive labels, thermo-tranfer tapes. A wide range of systems of control and automation for your line of production: systems of control of weight, detection of pollutants, reading and capture of information.

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Full Maintenance Service

We assist you from start to finish : consulting, machine, delivery, assembly, training and maintenance.


Advice on Packaging Process Optimisations

With our packCONSULT service, our experts will assess your internal packaging logistics, the packaging used and processes followed. Allowing us to identify areas for improvement and recommend a solution that perfectly fits your business. This may involve marking systems and labelling advice.