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Antalis Food Packaging Solutions

A range of Food Grade Packaging covering everything from bags and films, to boxes. Delivered from BRC food accredited warehouse facilities.

Antalis have BRC food approved warehousing facilities, offering you piece of mind that your food grade packaging is coming from a reliable source.  We stock a range of greaseproof baking paper, parchment and siliconised paper all for direct food contact as well as supplying a huge range of smart, active and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

So whether you need blue tint polythene, polystyrene boxes, vacuum packaging or more advanced transit monitoring packaging you know Antalis are here to help!

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BRC food approved warehouse facilities.
Recyclable and environmentally friendly options available.

A  wide range covering bags, films, papers and boxes.

Experts assess and advise on your packaging operations.

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Advice on eco-friendly food packaging

In every country, there are legal environmental regulations which must be respected. So, we help you settle processes which member in these regulations. We  propose you a wide range of products of green packaging thus environment-friendly, and help you to make the good choice.


Advice on Packaging Process Optimisation

We help you optimise your costs and packaging process efficiency